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About Us

Toronto-West Christian Assembly (TWCA) is a gathering of Christian believers who come together in the name of Jesus Christ, as witness to the principles taught by Jesus. We intend to fellowship with like-minded Christians and work for the furtherance of the Gospel in the GTA and beyond. We are an evangelical, fundamental, independent, pre-millennial, pre-tribulation, non-charismatic and non-denominational Christian fellowship.

This congregation was initiated in 2007 with the burden of reaching out particularly to immigrated population from India (East India) residing in Brampton. Some brethren got together and began praying with this burden for months leading up to Nov 2007 when the church started. The Church is registered as a Trust and has Canadian Charity registration.

While renting out church premises for common gatherings in the city of Brampton, we continued to reach out to the perishing souls. Over the years there were several such initiatives such as giving out gospel tracts door-door in various Brampton housing communities, a Christian literature booth at the Brampton Flea Market, conducting Gospel meetings etc

Vision Statement

To preach, teach, promote, disseminate, advance, demonstrate and implement the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the related truths of the Holy Bible by whatever means possible both in Canada and abroad and thus fulfill the command of our Lord and Savior that His Gospel be preached in the entire world as a witness for all nations.

Provided that such objectives shall include only those which are, at law, exclusively charitable and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and to accomplish the aforesaid objectives:

To lead people everywhere into a growing relationship with Christ and to strengthen the local Church by teaching the word of God and providing programs, materials and services of the highest spiritual and technical quality;
To hold meetings, conferences, seminars, worship sessions, workshops, camps, retreats or other forms of gathering for the purposes of teaching, training, preaching or otherwise communicating the truth of the Bible; and to provide support to other charitable organizations in the form of literature, media resources and finances wherever necessary
To provide services to assist individuals and organizations which have objectives similar to TWCA, as decided from time to time, to establish and manage endeavors that will provide means or to send representatives, to relieve poverty and suffering of disease or illness;
To associate and affiliate with any association or organization, incorporated or unincorporated, with exclusively charitable objectives similar to those of the trust therein.

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